True Heroes in Switzerland

Valuing True Heroes in the Swiss Food Chain


The ongoing health and economic crises show which jobs and sectors are systemically relevant. This awareness must not disappear after the crisis. This is especially true for Switzerland’s procurement, production and distribution system:

  1. It is not as resilient as expected
  2. It relies on a range of critical, sometimes vulnerable, individuals and organizations


True Heroes and System in the food supply chain, to be extended to other sectors, such as energy and health


  • Micro level: High Value High Risk individuals are often insufficiently protected, supported, valued and paid given the importance of their work for organizations and society.
  • Macro level: A state of the art ecosystem approach to the challenge is not apparent. Such an approach should be able to fully leverage cross-sector collaborations, innovation, technology as well as capacities and needs of front-line workers and organizations.

Valuing True Heroes from a Systemic Perspective

We want to make the Swiss food system more resilient, sustainable and just, by valuing its True Heroes, persons and organizations alike.
  • Our aim: mobilize massive collective intelligence to build a sustainable, resilient and just food ecosystem, so that it becomes part of our national framework conditions (Rahmenbedingungen) on a macro and micro level
  • Our focus: build a sustainable food chain, by protecting, assisting and valuing True Heroes along the way, people and organizations alike
  • Key stakeholders: public entities, private sector, research, workers and employers, civil society (= True Heroes), and consumers


Work on micro and macro level by collaborating with front-line True Heroes to nurture the development of vibrant and performing ecosystem


  • Elaborate and validate proof of concept
  • Mobilize stakeholders through B2B campaign
  • Incept and develop a vibrant and productive ecosystem
  • Harvest and implement learnings
  • Manage the process and communications along the way


Addressing the challenge will benefit persons and organizations involved as well as the country as a whole, as it will result in a more resilient, sustainable and just supply system.

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Project Team

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